Father’s Day Special Message

21th June, the whole world celebrates the “Father’s Day”. A terminology, made famous by multinational companies:an absolute commercial venture, by foreign brands to promote sales of their respective products. The world’s ubercool population is of course going with the flow, celebrating this day by spending money on gifts for their earthly fathers without even thinking the reason and meaning behind all this.

(Shash Grewal(Shashwati) is a philanthropist and a social worker, who tries to reach out to hurting hearts with scriptural blessings and kindness.)

Talking of earthly fathers, is it really possible to celebrate a devoted dad on one day? From the time a child is born, a father’s life goes on in earning livelihood for his family, to give all comforts of life to his wife, and once a child is born, added responsibilities make a man sweat and toil more, to plan a comfortable life for his kid as well. His whole life becomes his workplace and home, so many sacrifices he makes to earn living and, he provides for them, when they are dependent on him, educates them often sacrificing his own fun time.

(Shash Grewal(Shashwati) is a scriptural motivational Lecturer, who guides people on life’s basic principles.)

When I was living with my parents, I remember I would barely see my dad at home, as I was growing up. We as kids would be studying, watching TV, going out to have fun and then when dad would be back, he would take me out for my music lessons to my school. I do not remember lacking anything as such, even if I lacked, I just had to convey my message to my dad. If he could afford, I would get it easily, and if it was an expensive demand, he would work harder to fulfill my demand, which meant he would be absent from home more often.

Is it really possible to thank him in one day? I don’t think I can repay my dad, for all the time sacrifices he made, to keep a smile on my face.
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Just imagine!! How difficult it would be to show our gratitudes to the One who created us? Earthly dads still fail many of us, but our heavenly dads?

1 John 4:16 says “He is complete expression of love”. 1 John 3:1 says” He desires to lavish His love on us, simply because we are His children and He is our father”

James 1:17:-“every good gift we receive, comes from Him.” He is our provider, our supplier, our mighty tower when we are in need. Our fortress behind which we hide.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4:-“He is the Father who comforts us in all our troubles”. what a mighty God we serve?

From the beginning, if we go back to the book of Genesis, we find that humans have a tendency to sin. From the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the generation next Cain and Abel, what grieved the heart of God was mankind’s tendencies to sin. According to Genesis 6:12, the world around Noah was “degenerate, debased and vicious”. People had corrupted their ways upon the earth and had lost their true direction. I wonder how God was feeling? He must have realised His creation of man kind was the biggest mistake.

Inspite of all the sad things man did in the sight of God just imagine how big the heart of our heavenly dad was, that He was thinking of ways to bring mankind out of sins.

The biggest sacrifice that one can give is probably what John 3:16 quotes—–“for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life”.

Can we give our lives for anyone as such? Probably we would not even think about it. We would make ourselves believe, that when the world’s people are sinning, its none of our concern, we would think, Jesus was God, so it must not have been difficult for Him to endure pain. But we often overlook the fact, that when He walked the earth, He was very much a man. He must have felt the excruciating pain in His flesh, when He was bruised and nailed that too for our faults. How much love and compassion He must be having for each one of us and when He calls each one of us from different religions and different backgrounds, He gives us the right to be called His saints. HIS SAINTS (miserable sinners as we are even today when we walk in our daily life, we know how many mistakes we do every moment, and He calls us righteous, His chosen race,).

No amount of gratitude and praise would be enough to thank Him for His love for me for choosing me to be called His own. His treasured possession I am Exodus (19:5)inspite of the fact that I am far far away from being perfect, and I fail Him every day by my actions and thoughts.”He loves me”and He will always love me, no matter what and He is not counting my sins. That’s why Jesus died, so that I could be reconciled (2 Corinthians 5:18-19)


If we have to celebrate “father’s day”, we should celebrate the love of God everyday of our lives, not on a specific day. Yes we do celebrate our birthdays on a particular day of every year.

So question arises, why can’t we celebrate a day for our dads?

I think, simply because, we can’t repay our earthly dads, for all that he does for us, whole his life and God is our first and foremost heavenly dad, who does things for us, beyond imagination. Every moment should be our gratitude towards Him that we as His children should celebrate every moment and not specifically on one particular day. It’s never going to be enough our earthly dads might fail but He will never fail us, that’s His promise to each one of us .Whoever who believes.

(Shash Grewal(Shashwati) is a “Scriptural Motivational Writer, who explain’s life’s, common principles, in a very lucid manner so that the younger generation can relate to the solutions, She offers through her writing, to all the problems they face on a daily basis.)
Shash Grewal(Shashwati)

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