I am primarily a singer, who just loves to sing. Music has always been a passion since childhood. I am a 21st century woman, with a philosophical bent of mind. I have been in love with God even though, I didn’t really know who He was during my childhood, but have always seen the beauty of our Creator’s creativity in every single living thing in the universe. I have been a classical singer as it has been my passion. My Bengali background added the florescence in my singing.
One thing that was always mindboggling for me was this someone must have created the whole universe. He cannot be ordinary, and the beauty He created with the smallest insects in this world. That’s amazing, isn’t it? How can I not appreciate Him?
But what was always disturbing me all these years was this God loves us so much. He did His best in His creativity for our everyday survival may it be air, water, food supplication, sunshine and so many other blessings. Why do we humans restrain ourselves from blessing each other? Why have we forgotten the greatest teaching Jesus emphasized as the primary commandment, when He walked the earth i.e., ”love”. Some of the best devotional music is meant for us to purge out hatred. So shouldn’t Love and humanity be the primary religion of every single human being? Why do we try and preach different religions to each other and are biased towards each other? Shouldn’t we just forgive everyone for their ignorance and just work towards peace to make this world a better place to live in?
My Songs are enlightened, whether they are in Hindi or English. I sing in the praise of the lord Jesus Christ. They deliver the message of love. Some of the best devotional songs are the ones conveying the same.
We give big theological teachings to each other, but our hearts are burning with anger and hatred. What is the point, where are we all reaching I wonder!!!!Some of the best scriptural songs teach us the same. True knowledge of the scriptures make us all ponder on the same.

Shash Grewal Scriptural Motivational Writer Speaker Preacher Evangelist
Shash Grewal Scriptural Motivational Writer Speaker Preacher Evangelist

My every single song is dedicated to our creator. I am simply in love with Him. I don’t want to fit into any category of singing and don’t want to call my songs of any particular genre. I prefer the genre to be a “love saga of me and my creator”. Some of my best Hindi scriptural renditions are in praise of the Lord.
So I don’t want any of my listener to categorize me in any genre. I request you all to let the reason of my songs be love. Some of my best Hindi enlightened songs are uploaded on the website for all of you to hear. My songs by the grace of the lord fall into the best enlightened Hindi Songs. The best enlightened songs teach us all to love every human being without being biased.
(Shash Grewal is a scriptural Motivational Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Preacher and an Evangelist.)

If you place yourselves in my shoes, and hear the songs from my point of view, you will understand the Humility and beauty of our creator. I have tried to give my best in these songs. Because His goodness and mercies He showers on us everyday so lavishly, “that’s why, with grateful hearts, we should sing His praises always”. We just end up taking them all for granted after all we are humans, with all our failings and fallings and He knows that and forgives us everyday, “Thank God for that.. All my self composed songs are sung in his praise.
(Shash Grewal is a philanthropist and a social worker, who tries to reach out to hurting hearts with scriptural blessings and kindness.)

COL.G.S Grewal
Inspiration and guide

I am in love with “JESUS”, He was never a religion. people made Him a religion. His message was always simple. MARK, chapter 16:verse 15. ”go into all the world and tell the good news of the Gospel(that God’s forgiveness is available to you, if you repent) “ He never told His disciples to go into the world and make religious people He rebuked the hypocritical religious Pharisees always.
(Shash Grewal is a philanthropist and a social worker, who tries to reach out to hurting hearts with scriptural blessings and kindness.)
Then why do we make Him a religion? Why can’t we simply follow the teachings of love and compassion for one another. We don’t need violence and confusions and strifes in the world. We need more and more of peace and kindness for one another. I have tried to put across all the nuances in my self composed songs, to the best of my capability. Some of the best Christian enlightened songs preach the same. Sing the best devotional songs with fervor. Give your best and see and feel the wonders being bestowed upon you by the creator.
Our aim is to reach out to as many orphan kids as we can through our ministry. We want to help by being a social worker and reaching out to the needy. We try to reach them with little resources that we could manage till so far, but we believe if you all join hands. We can help lot many.
(Shash Grewal believes in being spiritual, rather then following man-made religious traditions.)
Nothing is a compulsion, just a request, if you feel like being part of us, do let us know. We would be humbled.
Blessings and peace!
Shash Grewal (Shashwati)

Our aim is to reach out to as many orphan kids as we can through our ministry. We try to reach them with little resources that we could manage till so far but we believe if you all join hands we can help lot many.

Academic qualification:
  • B.A(HONOURS) Economics, from Delhi University
  • B.A(HONOURS) Economics, from Delhi University
  • Studied computers under scholarship from NIIT New Delhi, South extension branch.
  • "Sangeet Ratna" (First Div)(Rabindra Sangeet-Tagore’s Songs) from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad....affiliated to Rabindra Bharati University, KolKata.
  • Visharad(Hindustani Classical music vocalist)(First div) from Gandharv Mahavidyalaya,New delhi....
My Work
  • Worked as a Documentary filmmaker for Discovery channel with TVNF (Television News Features).
  • Worked as an anchor person (musical shows and interactive shows) for various youth channels and youth programmes, in India and Abroad
  • Sang title songs of various serials for FM radio and various DD Kashmiri and DD metro serials.
  • Released first music album in the year 2013 September....in the genre of “God’s Love” for mankind.......
  • A guest speaker for many youth motivational functions held in different cities.
  • Writes many articles for national and international newspapers and magazines.
  • Some of her interviews, done by various news papers, you can read in her blogs
  • She is a song writer and a composer.
  • She also writes lots of poetry.
  • Currently she is busy authoring a book and also busy composing and writing new songs.